Thrust Bearing

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The TRISHUL Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing consists of a C.I. or GM Housing (split or unsplit execution) hold by GM Ball Cage and Steel Ball which allows Pivot to tilt, on which the thrust pads are located, but free to pivot, thus generating a hydrodynamic film of water. The pads are manufactured from BRONZE (BZ-15) or S.S.-420 or S.S.-304 and other material specified by the party (Customer).

The special Tilting Pad geometry has been developed by TRISHUL to reduce frictional losses across the range of standard sizes.

The pads can be either center pivoted (for bi-directional rotation) or offset pivoted (for uni-directional rotation).

With thrust pads, successive wear at start-up can change the profile of fixed inclined pads leading to a reduction in load capacity. With tilting pads thrust bearings the effect is not so severe since the pads can compensate for wear and therefore maintain a thrust capacity.

We are manufacturing various types of Thrust Bearing Sets for V4, V6, V8 and Open Well Submersible Pump Set. We are manufacturing Fix Pad Thrust Bearing as well as Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing. We can say that perhaps we have the largest varieties of Thrust Bearing in India. We have a very wide range of Thrust Bearing Sets.
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